Natural Benefits and Community-Based Stewardship:

NBLT was established as the conservation partner to assume the perpetual conservation and stewardship of the Newport Banning Ranch’s natural open space preserve, a 320-acre combination of coastal sage scrub, grasslands, vernal pools, riparian and wetland habitats hosting numerous rare and vulnerable species that have declined along coastal Orange County.   Restoration efforts will replace the existing fragmented and degraded habitat to enhance the natural habitat for all onsite protected species, including the California gnatcatcher, Least Bell’s vireo, raptors, San Diego Fairy Shrimp and other species so that they can thrive on Newport Banning Ranch’s natural open space preserve.



NBLT will maintain a community-based stewardship program that will engage community volunteers in a more intimate relationship with the land.  This program, titled ReCreate is based on the California Coastal Commission's Community-Based Restoration and Education Program (  Using this model of volunteer-driven ecological restoration, environmental education, and customer service-oriented events, we will provide frequent and effective programs that engage all ages to restore and protect this beautiful coastal resource. This community-based stewardship program will supplement current and future mitigation activities, providing community ownership and care for the land well beyond the mitigation timeline and will showcase how communities now and in the future will care for their land using the most effective and efficient practices.


The land trust has already initiated a pilot community-based stewardship program on an existing 1.66 acre coastal sage scrub site on the Newport Banning Ranch. Utilizing volunteers to collect seeds on site and then propagate and grow plants on an off-site native nursery, the land trust has worked with restoration specialists and volunteers to restore native plants on a small pilot site. The results are spectacular.


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