Educational Programs

In partnership with Institute for Conservation, Research and Education, NBLT has created a field research program for high school seniors on Newport Banning Ranch to give them the opportunity for hands-on experience in topics relating to water quality, mapping and restoration management.   Teaming up with high school science programs, including Costa Mesa High School  and Huntington Beach High School APES, the program allows students to collect and analyze scientific data from Newport Banning Ranch and complete a final poster presentation to peers, parents and teachers at the culmination of a year-long experience led by NBLT.


The goal is to teach students the fundamentals of field biology in preparation for college level courses and introduce them to potential careers by allowing them to work with professionals in this field.


Have a high school science class interested in participating?  Email Robyn here.


We also provide outdoor educational opportunities for students of all ages.  NBLT has hosted Kindergartners through 12th grade on all levels of science learning experiences.  If you have a group interested in participating, email Robyn here.

Public Access and Education

The Newport Banning Land Trust will also be implementing a public access and educational program that is part of finally opening the Newport Banning Ranch to the public. Removing oil pipelines and other infrastructure and miles of roads that serve the oil facility, will be a part of bringing the natural open space preserve back in harmony with nature.  The land trust will be responsible for managing public access and enjoyment of this extraordinary site that will be facilitated by seven miles of thoughtfully designed trails.  Once open, these trails will connect the ranch to 28 miles of trails from the Pacific Ocean along the Santa Ana River up to Riverside County.


The land trust will also operate a nature center, kiosks, signage, and provide information to ensure that the public has an opportunity to get more out of their visit to this part of natural Orange County.  Aside from the community-based restoration program, the land trust will provide programs to connect students from the region to the natural lands and native species that are an important part of Orange County’s natural heritage.


The land trust will also be able to provide opportunities for individuals, groups and families enjoying an eco-stay program, in coordination with the on-site hostel and hotel, will provide visitors with a unique experience focused on outdoor education to include sessions on surf culture, community gardening, Native American history of the land and other topics relating to the coastal California environment and ecosystem.

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